Youtube comments not loading

If you are looking for youtube comments not loading solution then you are in right place. find out an easy way to fix youtube comments.

YouTube comments not loading are annoying. How do you eliminate comments that aren’t loading on YouTube problem? 

Youtube comments not loading
Youtube comments not loading

Getting Youtube comments not loading error?

YouTube is a viral and well-known social media platform with millions of videos and more added daily. With the help of video viewers, they can swiftly grasp the concept of YouTube. YouTube Channel.

It’s a fantastic way for YouTube users to grasp some essential aspects of the video by looking through YouTube comments. However, there have been reports that some users complained that they had seen comments from YouTube that do not load on their sites, except those that have been pinned for the channel. The loading icon continues to spin; however, some users report that the comment area is entirely blank.

You don’t need to fret if you’re among the YouTube customers. This article will explain ways to resolve the YouTube comments not loading correctly. Can I have multiple YouTube Channels? Of course!

Fixes for Youtube comments not loading Error

What is the reason YouTube comments aren’t loading? At this point, it’s unclear why YouTube isn’t loading comments when the issue occurs. However, there are some solutions you can test. Try the simpler ones first.

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#1. Reload the Video Page to fix Youtube comments not loading

The first thing to do is try reloading the page for the video. The comments might not load due to a temporary problem.

If reloading the page doesn’t work, you can wait for a few minutes. The issue lies on YouTube’s side. Therefore, you might need to wait a while for comments to be restored.

#2. Verify Your Internet Connection

Internet problems with a connection could cause comments not to load correctly on YouTube. To resolve this issue, restart your router or modem:

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Switch off your computer, and then switch off the router or modem. Then, wait around 3 minutes before restarting the devices.

#3. Delete Proxy Connections to fix Youtube comments not loading

Like other apps, YouTube may also get into an error while accessing via a proxy. If you’ve got an expensive VPN service on your device, the VPN’s proxy service could cause this YouTube error.

If that’s the case, remove all proxy servers and VPN applications and reload the website. YouTube comments load correctly this time.

#4. Disable Extensions that are not behaving

If YouTube comments were not loading correctly, and the error began appearing when you installed an extension, this extension could be the reason behind the issue on your device.

To verify if the application is not functioning correctly as the cause for the YouTube commenting issues, or if the application is causing this, you need to open the page you’re having trouble using your Incognito Browsing mode. To open an incognito browser window, you can use this key combination CTRL + Shift +N in the Chrome tab.

Try loading YouTube with Incognito mode. The extensions are not enabled during this mode automatically. Therefore, you can determine if the YouTube comment was not loading issue due to a broken extension in your web browser. This will not occur in Incognito mode.

Begin enabling the extensions one by one, and verify if you can view comments without enabling specific extensions.

#5. Change the layout of your YouTube

If the above does not work, try changing your YouTube layout to an old design. According to a lot of users’ reports, the solution has helped many of them to restore their comments on YouTube. To do so:

1. To access the home page of YouTube, Click your profile image in the upper right-hand corner, then choose YouTube Studio from the pop-up window.

Step 2. Choose the Creator Studio Classic from the menu on the left.

Step 3. Select the three-line menu at the upper left corner. Choose the options Home. This should bring your back to the original design of YouTube. If this is the case, you’ll be able to view the comments on videos.

#6. Clear Browsing Data

Many websites and applications save data locally on your device for browsing, allowing it to load faster when you next launch the websites. However, incorrect cache or missing data can lead to all sorts of problems, and YouTube comments that need to load are one of them.

To resolve this issue, Clear all data from your Google Chrome data, like cookies, cached images, and files.

To erase Google Chrome e-data, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + delete to create a new title where you can see the Clear browsing information dialogue box. In the Time range drop-down menus, select the data you want to erase. After that, click on the Clear data button. Note:

  1. This keyboard shortcut is also available for other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  2.  Be aware when selecting the type of data you want to delete. In particular, you may prefer to keep passwords inside your browser.

#7. Clean Up Your Windows System

Sometimes YouTube comments are deleted due to junk files in your computer (e.g., unneeded systems files or browsing history). The removal of these could be beneficial in resolving this problem.

It is possible to do this by yourself, locating the correct settings for your computer to eliminate any junk files. To clear junk files with less effort, refer to Report A Login Issue

#8. Keep waiting for the official fix

While YouTube developers are constantly trying to improve users’ experience with YouTube However, reports suggest suggesting that YouTube comments that aren’t loading on Chrome issue are caused by new features they are testing.

If this was the principal reason behind YouTube having trouble loading comment comments, there’s only one way to correct the issue other than to sit for a few days. After that, the modifications should be reversed to the default settings.

However, if YouTube comment posts stop loading after waiting a few days, there could be a different issue causing this issue.

A note on FYI YouTube Testing Hides Commentaries by default

Based on Techcrunch, YouTube comments enjoy a poor reputation because they reflect YouTube’s overall negative culture. YouTube’s creators could be awarded for outrageous actions, including apologizing and exploiting their children, creating videos of suicide victims and promoting risky “miracle cures,” or sharing conspiracy theories.

At present, YouTube is considering a modification to its design – to block the default comments.

Currently, YouTube comments have lost a prominent place on its mobile application. For both iOS as well as Android devices, you’ll notice the YouTube video at right at the very top. This is and then buttons for engagement to share, like, or dislike the video, downloading and downloading the YouTube video.

At the bottom of the YouTube video, you will find suggestions for YouTube’s algorithm. You need to scroll down to see the comments on YouTube until you get to the top of the page.

In the YouTube tests, the comments section was removed from the lower part of the page. Instead, it’s moved to a separate section that users can only access when they click the Comments button located in between the Thumbs down and the Sharing buttons, which are located below the video.

It needs to be clarified whether this change will decrease or increase users’ engagement through YouTube comments or if the arrangement will stay the same, which is something YouTube is keen to determine as well.

Closing Up

People often go through YouTube comments to gain additional information about a video. They can also talk about the mistakes regarding this issue and discuss their experiences and opinions. You now know how to fix the problem if you notice YouTube comments that aren’t showing on your gadget. Leave a comment if you found this helpful information, and discuss the matter with someone having the same problem with having trouble viewing YouTube comments.

Youtube comments not loading

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