Printer not working

If you are looking for Printer not working solution then you are in right place. find out easy way to fix your printer issue.

There are few things that can cause frustration more quickly than having to print something quickly but your printer won’t cooperate (and it doesn’t even tell you why!) The blurred lines on your photos or text that fades is one issue and facing a printer who refuses to acknowledge that your existence is a different.

Printer not working
Printer not working

 If you’re receiving the error code that isn’t synchronizing with the reality, and your printer has been giving you the silent treatment understanding where to begin when your Printer is not working will help ease some of the anxiety.

Troubleshooting strategies for specific issues will vary according to the model of your printer Once you’ve figured out the most common issues you’ll be able to quickly locate solutions specifically for your printer.

Why Printer not working ?

Manufacturers have online resources available to assist you in tackling the most difficult printer problems. We’ve provided some of the most basic information right here!

  • Paper Jams and Ghost Jams
  • Printer Driver Problems
  • Loaded Queue
  • Wi-fi or Network Connection
  • Clogged Printhead
  • Non-Genuine” Cartridge Message
  • New Cartridge Not Working
  • Slow Printer Speed

How to Fix Printer not working ?

Printer not working due to Paper Jams

If your printer tells you that there is a paper jam There are a couple possible culprits. Make sure that the paper is aligned correctly within the tray to fix Printer is not working issue. 

If the paper is out of alignment even just a small, it may become a mess. In most cases, taking all the papers from the tray and then lining it up more closely with the feeder elements can solve the issue.

Paper trays are made to be able to hold a particular capacity of paper. For some, it may be as little as 100 sheets, and others are able to accommodate a whole ream. 

Review the user guide for your printer to determine the recommended capacity for paper A paper tray that is overstuffed could instantly trigger the paper jam alert on the machine. 

Also, make sure that the paper or media type selection in the printer’s menu is compatible with the current printing job to fix Printer is not working issue. Printers have settings for different types of papers like photo paper, card stock or presentation papers. 

Paper that is thinner can result in an issue with paper if settings are not correct and a simple change in the paper type could fix your paper jam problem immediately.

Pick-up rollers are the rollers that collect papers from the tray and then feed it into the printer. They are also recognized to cause jam following repeated use, and, eventually, may have to be replaced.

If your printer is telling you that it’s jammed with paper however there’s no jam there, it’s likely that there’s a mechanical issue and your Printer not working. 

While searching for a solution to a jammed ghost HP(r) Printer, Neal Poole discovered that sometimes real jams in the paper can leave behind a residue that can interfere with the printer’s operation for a long time after the jam has been removed.

A small amount of junk paper strewn between gears that drive your rear duplexer can leave your printer with the impression that something is inside the duplexer that’s and not in the actual gear. 

Take a look at the mechanical components that surround the ghost jam, and ensure they are operating without a hitch to fix Printer is not working issue. (some models provide more precise information on of where the jam is in particular for more sophisticated office equipment). 

Here’s an approach to assist:

  • Take off the rear duplexer and grasp any among the rollers. Are they able to be able to move freely? If not, the second step would be . . .
  • Make two contacts made of brass using the help of a paper clip. The bridge will make the printer believe that the duplexer remains in place and you’ll need to keep this contact to the last step.
  • Click “OK” on the panel.
  • Have a look at the black plastic gears on the left side. Are they moving freely or do they stop and then freeze, skip or even jam? If you answered yes to the first scenario there are papers shards that must be removed out of the gears.
  • Take the roller with the largest diameter and then rotate. Look for paper shards inside the gear’s teeth.
  • When the gears and rollers are spinning freely, you’ve cleared the ghost-block, you’re free to take off the paper clip, and then reassemble.
  • Unplug your printer and restore the printer’s sensors in case you’re still receiving a paper jam message after cleaning.

If after following above steps your Printer not working then follow next steps.

Printer not working due to Driver Problems

It’s not always the hardware that’s to blame. The driver for your printer acts as a intermediary between the computer you use and the printer. Similar to other software drivers, drivers also get out of date or become incompatible for your OS following an update. 

If your printer doesn’t respond to simple commands or frequently experiencing crashes, a driver upgrade could fix the problem quickly. It could be that you have the wrong driver installed on your computer that isn’t compatible alongside your device and your printer not working. 

You can uninstall the driver on your desktop and changing it to a more current version, will often get your desktop and printer chatting again and your Printer not working problem will be solved. To download the latest version of the driver for your printer visit the support site of the manufacturer of your printer and enter the model number of your printer. 

Follow the instructions in the support page and download the latest up-to latest version. We’ve provided hyperlinks to the most popular printer support pages below!

Loaded Queue

After your print job is completed the queue is supposed to be cleared by itself. This doesn’t always go in the way you’d like, especially when certain print runs are delayed, put on hold or stopped because of problems with data connections. 

If your queue is filled up, it could cause your printer to stop working. In many cases, when you try to print something you’ll have to select multiple times to print which will further clog your queue.

Sometimes, the printer isn’t exactly the reason that your Printer is not working. The stuck print job could block your queue that prevents jobs from getting to your printer. Also, it won’t disappear whenever you delete it most times. What can you do to eliminate your inbox and make your printer printing? Here’s how you can get started:

A note of caution This is specifically only for HP printers that are paired with Windows However, the general principles are applicable to all printer brands and models.

Shut down your printer completely, and disconnect it from power sources.

It is important to save the document you’re planning to print in the format you would like to print. After you’ve cleared your print queue the printing jobs that aren’t been saved will be deleted and disappear, too.

Start Windows Services by searching “Services” in the search toolbar or by clicking on the Window key on the keyboard.

About halfway down your list of services there’s a service known as”Print Spooler. “Print Spooler.” Right click on the Print Spooler option and review the choices. “STOP” will halt any stuck print that is dragging into your queue.

Once you’ve halted all print jobs using the spooler, use the Windows Explorer browser to search: C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS

Remove all files that are in your queue. Then turn off your computer completely from Windows.

Switch on your printer by pressing the power button, and then switch on your computer once more.

Start the printer spooler.

Print your document and check your Printer is not working issue is solved or not? If it’s successful then you’re done!

If your printer queue gets stuck and then freezes there are two alternatives. HP has a free program known as HP Print as well as Scan Doctor which you can download at no cost. The program can immediately identify the most common issues in your printer and fix the issues. If you’re experiencing issues in your queue remove and install a new driver for your printer. Sometimes, a driver that is older isn’t compatible, or may be corrupted and your Printer not working.

Wi-fi or Network Connection

Connectivity to wireless networks is dual-edged blade. On one hand, you are able to link your printer with any device within your home. However, your connection is something you aren’t able to see. virtwifi has no internet access

If your printer has lost its Wi-Fi signal, usually you won’t identify the problem until you investigate the connectivity. If your printer’s Wi-Fi isn’t working, remove the device and connect via your computer. 

It’s kind of a commonplace nowadays, but powering down devices can do wonders in resolving Printer is not working issues. If your device isn’t connecting with your printer, ensure that Wi-fi or Bluetooth capabilities are fully functional.

A weak (or absent!) connection between your printer and computer is likely to prevent you from obtaining the documents you require. Because the issue lies between them, it can be difficult to identify. 

Are you able to connect your printer with your wireless network?

Printing an Wireless Network Test Report is the easiest method to verify and view the connection on HP printers.

Access your control panel , and then select Wireless Network Test Report (on certain models, you are able to get access to this report directly by pressing”Wi-Fi”). 

The report will provide information about connectivity, the units that are connected with the network as well as their Network Name (SSID address)–from which you will be able to determine whether your device is connected with the network. You might want to restart your router and your printer in order to connect.

Are you is connected to the internet? is not then this the main reason for Printer is not working. To test this for Windows users, click on your HP Print and Scan Doctor that we discussed earlier to confirm. To check for Apple users, click the Wireless logo at the top right corner of your screen. Are you able to check your network?

Update Your Computer

Have you had your computer recently changed? Updates to your firewalls, security software browser and operating system could cause difficulties connecting to your printer. You might need to reconnect your system to the internet, change your security settings to allow printers, or install an updated driver, based upon the type of the updates.

If you have updated your software, think about the possibility of restoring your system to the default settings or version to determine if it reconnects you.

Have you had your router replaced recently? You may need to modify your computer and printer to be able to connect to the network. Make sure that your new router is connected to an ISP that is different from the one you currently have. if your computer and printer are in a different network then you face a Printer not working issue.

Clogged Printhead

  • If you do not use your printer frequently the ink that is in the head of your printer will dry out and cause the clogging of your printer. If you notice streaks, lines or bands on your printed documents or if certain areas of your document show darker prints It could be an indication that it’s time to wash your printer head.
  • A blocked printhead could cause the switch cartridge signal to be activated on your printer, or just block ink from making its way onto your page. The process of clearing your printer’s print head can be difficult and messy however, keeping your printer clean to keep it clear of clogs is easy. 
  • An effective method to tackle Printer not working issue of a blocked print head is to use a paper towel method.

Paper Towel Method

If your printer only has two cartridges, tricolor and black it means that the printer is using ink cartridges that have an integral printhead.

Only printers with ink cartridges equipped with an integrated printhead are able to make use of the paper towel method.

Follow Steps to fix Printer is not working:

  • For this method, using paper towels you’ll require an untidy paper towel as well as dry paper towels available.
  • Use a warm, damp towel and rub the cartridge , with the printhead side facing downwards onto the towel. The printhead is on the bottom of the cartridge, where the ink flows out. It is usually an copper or gold strip.
  • Tap the cartridge down several times. Slide the cartridge onto the towel, then repeat until you can see solid lines of ink across the towel. If you’re using tricolor cartridges, repeat the process until you’ve seen all three colors on the towel.
  • Remember not to misinterpret the printhead as contacts made of copper and gold or dots. It’s true that they sound alike, but if you aren’t able to see the ink on your paper towel, you’re likely blotting the wrong area in the cartridge!
  • If you can clearly see ink on the damp towel, place the cartridge in place against dry towel and hold it for 30 seconds to one minute. This process helps to remove any ink that is dry and could hinder you from printing producing a high-quality print.

After that, insert the cartridge into the machine, and then run the test print.

Most of the time, this will do the job very well. If not, try the procedure. If the second attempt isn’t enough, move on to the next step Clean the printhead!

Printhead Cleaning on the Display Screen of the Printer Display Screen

  • If you own one that is equipped with color cartridges that are individual, such as that of the Epson(r) 702XL line it is likely that the printhead is part of the printer.
  • The most frequent causes of an unclean printhead are tiny dust particles air bubbles, dried ink. Conducting a cleaning of the printhead on your device will clean the printhead nozzles of any excess or dried-up ink. 
  • While the process may differ for every printer, it is a common cleaning process included in the printer’s program. Print a test page and check if the blockage is gone. Print another test page to be certain (sometimes two sheets of paper will suffice).
  • If you are unable to solve the issue, do not perform any other cleaning as these can use up a lot of ink, and doing multiple cleanings at once will not always yield superior results as the previous. 

Non Genuine Cartridge Message

  • In rare instances the printer may ask you to use an ink cartridge from a third party. Particularly common with HP printers.
  • This type of message will appear on your screen, informing the user that they are using a secondhand or refilled* cartridge, but typically doesn’t do much more than this. 
  • Third-party cartridges typically come with chips that will evade this warning, however if it appears, you can simply erase it by pressing “okay.” If not you can remove your cartridge and verifying that the chip is not dirty before reinstalling it and trying another time.

New Cartridge Not Working

Every once in awhile you’ll come across an unrelated cartridge that causes you problems. If you’ve recently added the cartridge and an error machine appears in your printer’s LCD Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  • If you have the old cartridge in your possession Try reinstalling it to your printer. In most cases, the printer will begin to come back up and, most of the time you’ll see there’s still ink within the old cartridge! After the old cartridge has been recognized by your printer, take it out to replace with the new one and again. Sometimes, a quick swap of cartridges can convince your printer take the brand new cartridge.
  • Check to make sure you’ve removed any seals protecting your device. New cartridges are sealed at the ink nozzle, to stop the ink contained within the cartridge in drying. Some brands require the use of a piece of tape that has tabs will form the seal, while for other brands it’s a plastic part. If you attempt to install the new cartridge to your printer and do not remove the sealing device, then it could be able to register the cartridge as installed, but it will not permit ink flow.
  • Examine the vent. HP cartridges have vents that allow ink to flow easily. If this vent becomes blocked, this may hinder the flow of ink through the cartridge. Examine the top of the back of the cartridge to see the orange tab for pulling and if it has been removed, clear the vent using pin.
  • Perform a lengthy cleaning cycle. In the event that your printer been sat around for a long time and the ink that has been sitting within the printhead may get dry and block. Cleaning the printer for a long time can eliminate any unnecessary obstructions to ink and get your ink flowing once more. If your prints come out streaky or gloomy A cleaning cycle could aid in fixing that too.

Slow Printer Speed

A slow printer could slow down any print job. Prints that are slow usually result by slow or obsolete software, or a shaky wireless connection. 

If you want to fix the issue quickly ensure that all your printer drivers and software are up-to-date. You can download the most recent software update directly on the LCD screen of your printer, or visit directly the support page for your printer to find the latest version. 

If you think that the WiFi is the problem you can bring your printer close to your router in order to establish a stronger connection. 

It is also recommended to look at the settings for quality of printing on the printer menu. Different quality settings utilize an ink amount that is different and can affect the speed of printing. Printing a document in “Best” mode will take longer “Best” setting is going to take longer to print than “draft” mode, which makes use of less ink. 

Printer not working

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