How to fix print screen is not working

If you are looking for solution how to fix How to fix print screen is not working problem than you are in right place. find out easy way to fix your problem.

print screen is not working
print screen is not working

Some common solution to fix print screen is not working

  • Stop Background programs
  • Check if you’re using Print Screen correctly
  • Update your keyboard drivers
  • Run keyboard troubleshooter to fix print screen is not working
  • update your windows to latest version

You can update your windows to latest version follow instruction given here :

Fixing Print screen is not working

If you are getting error messages stating that the print screen is not working, there are several things that you can do to fix the problem. One common reason is a damaged system file. This is something that you can solve by updating your operating system. This can be done by typing “Windows Update” in the search box or by pressing the I + Windows key.

PrtScr key unresponsive

If you are experiencing problems with your print screen button, you should first check your keyboard’s settings. It is possible that third party software is causing a conflict with your keyboard, preventing you from using the PrtScr key. In this case, you should close any running programs and try using the Fn key instead. If this doesn’t work, you may also need to reinstall your keyboard driver.

One of the common causes of the issue is using OneDrive. This application may be interfering with the Print Screen key, causing you to get an error message instead. If this problem is preventing you from taking screenshots, you must disable this application.

Background programs can interfere with print screen function

A number of factors can cause the print screen function to stop working. First, make sure that your keyboard is connected properly. Second, make sure that your software is updated and meets the minimum system requirements. Finally, you should check to make sure that your computer is not running any background programs. These programs can interfere with the print screen function.

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Keeping a list of programs that are running in the background may be helpful in troubleshooting this problem. Often, background programs have special features that override the default Windows function. To avoid this, close the applications one by one. This will help you identify the culprit and disable its functionality. Alternatively, you can use the Safe Mode to block applications from opening up when you start your computer.

Incorrect keyboard drivers can cause a problem

If you have problems printing screen, you should check your keyboard drivers. If they are outdated, they may be causing a problem. If this is the case, you can install newer drivers for the keyboard by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. However, if your keyboard still isn’t working, you may try the next solution.

If your keyboard is not working properly, it could be that the keyboard driver is corrupted. If so, you may need to replace it. Another option is to try wireless keyboards. You can get a wireless keyboard to replace your keyboard, but you should check for exposed wires or liquid spilled into it first. You can also try changing the battery on your keyboard.

Clean boot your computer

If the print screen on your PC has stopped working, you might need to clean boot your computer. Clean booting Windows will allow only essential drivers to load when your computer starts up, which will help you to pinpoint the problem driver. Clean booting can also be useful if you have problems with your keyboard.

To do this, open the Settings application and click on the Boot tab. On the Boot tab, click on Advanced. You will then see a list of Windows components. Check the “Safe boot” option. You should then choose the “Minimum” setting. Ensure that the ‘Safe boot’ setting is set to “Minimum” before rebooting.

If still your print screen is not working problem is not solved or you have any suggestion please let us know on comment section.

How to fix print screen is not working

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