msdt.exe -id device diagnostic

If you are looking for msdt.exe -id device diagnostic solution then you are in right place. find out easy way to fix msdt.exe error.

msdt.exe -id devicediagnostic

This post is about Window can’t access the specified device. This error occurs because you may not be granted permission to access the item. This is why you will get an error when you attempt to run window 10 troubleshooter to fix specific problems. A pop-up appears referring to the MSDT.exe folder.

What is msdt.exe exactly?

MSDT.EXE is the name of the software component. It is located in the program32 directory. It could be malware or infected files if it’s located elsewhere. You should scan the folder with your security software. This is the Diagnostic troubleshooting wizard. It’s also part of the windows files that launches Microsoft Distributed Transaction Service.

How to do msdt.exe -id device diagnostic

Here are some suggestion to find msdt.exe error

Step 1: Check your User Account Permissions for msdt.exe -id device diagnostic

  • Check first your msdt.exe permissions to verify that you have local admin rights on your computer.
  • To check the settings, point your mouse to Start > Settings >Accounts. You will find the Administrator beneath your user account name.

Step 2 – Next, run troubleshooter using an Administrator account

Navigate to System 32 Folder and locate MSDT.EXE. Click the mouse right click to open it. Next, check whether Run as Administrator is available. If you receive a message,

Enter your Passkey, which was provided by your Support Professional

 If you have a passkey to use, ask your support staff, admin, or both.

Step 3 Use the system file checker for msdt.exe -id device diagnostic

 To replace corrupted system folders, use the system file checker
 After the Process is completed, restart your computer and see if you can successfully Use windows 10 troubleshooter.

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Step 4 – Run DISM for msdt.exe -id device diagnostic

Next, run DISM to repair Windows system image & Windows Component store & see if it works.

Step 5: Check the log of errors

After Run, troubleshooting and log reports.

  • %LocalAppData%\Diagnostics: It contains the folders for the previously run troubleshooter.
  • %LocalAppData%\ElevatedDiagnostics : It contains the folders for each troubleshooter which was Run as Administrator.
  • Windows Logs/Application
  • Applications & Services logs/ Microsoft/ Windows/ DiagnosisScripted/ Admin
  • Applications & Services Logs/ Microsoft/ Windows/ Diagnosis-ScriptedDiagnosticsProvider/ Operational
  •  Applications & Services logs/ Microsoft/ Windows/ DiagnosisScripted/ Operational

How to Download msdt.exe?

You can download msdt.exe here :

msdt.exe -id device diagnostic

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