Mouse not working on computer

If you are one of those who are looking for a solution mouse not working on a computer then you are in right place. find out an easy way to fix your mouse.

mouse not working on computer

You may have heard about mouse being replaced by touchpads or trackpads. But what if your mouse isn’t working? Don’t worry – there are some easy fixes! you can also read why Laptop speakers are not working?

Why mouse not Working?

there is some common reason that your mouse not working on computer are mentioned below.

  • Hardware Issue
  • wireless connections
  • batteries
  • USB port
  • Driver outdated or missing
  • Operating system files corrupted

How to Fix mouse not working on computer?

Having trouble with your mouse? Make sure mouse is connected properly to your computer, the device has power, and that it’s set up correctly. you can follow steps given below to fix your mouse.

Restart the computer

Sometimes restarting the computer will fix issues Mouse not working on computer. If not, try unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in again. This should clear up any issues.

Check the batteries

If you are using the wireless mouse on your computer Make sure the batteries are fully charged. If not, replace them with new ones.

Try another USB port

If you are using wired mouse on your computer then try to change port of your mouse. sometime your computer port will create problem due to that mouse not working on computer.

Check your wireless connections

  • For a reset button, look at the bottom of your wireless device. Resetting the device will cause the wireless connection to be disconnected and then reconnected. You might also find a reset button on your USB receiver.
  • This can be done for USB wireless devices by simply unplugging it, waiting about ten seconds, then plugging the USB receiver back into the USB port. Reestablish the wireless connection.
  • For possible solutions, check out Fix Bluetooth issues in Windows if your wireless device has a Bluetooth connection.

Mouse not working on computer

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